Relationship Counselling Offices in Mt Eden & West Auckland

relationship counselling aucklandThe closest relationships we have with our partners, children, parents and siblings are often the most difficult to negotiate. I believe these difficulties almost always originate from the patterns that were put in place when we were young. Mistrust, fears and insecurities can have their root in previous betrayals and abandonment. Relationship counselling can help overcome these patterns.

When I see couples or individuals with relationship problems, I help my clients to explore the relevance of previous experience and look at the impact that might be having on the current problems you are experiencing today.

Learn how to talk to someone you love

I offer guidance and coaching on ways of communicating with more clarity and warmth. Often, we treat those closest to us, those we care about most, with the least respect and kindness. Everyday communication with those most important to us, is one of the most vital issues I can help you to address and improve.

I am available for relationship counselling at my offices in Mount Eden and in Titirangi, West Auckland. Please contact me to make an appointment.