Depression Help in Auckland

depression help aucklandDepression can take many forms and have many causes. It is often associated with grief and loss and low self-esteem. Loss can be actual, such as the death of a loved one or pet, the loss of a close relationship or a job, or the end of an era of our lives, such as child rearing (empty nest). It can also be to do with time passing, opportunities you feel you've missed or never had offered to you. Regret and anxiety can feel intolerable and heavy and lead to further loss of the day to day pleasures you could be enjoying.

How do you know if you’re depressed?

If you are depressed, you may experience loss or increase in appetite, loss of energy, tiredness, lack of motivation and a general feeling of unease and despair. Sometimes it can manifest as anxious over activity and a feeling of desperation. Current research has proved that talking on a regular basis to a trained professional can help enormously even if the doctor has prescribed anti depressant medication. Talking it out, and feeling the feelings can enhance the effect of medication or help you if you prefer not to take medication.

How I can help with Depression

I have had many years' experience working with clients with depression - I can help you to understand your feelings, gain clarity and communicate more effectively with those around you. If your depression is accompanied by anxiety, I can help you to calm the anxious thoughts and treat yourself with more kindness.

Depression can spoil everything you could be enjoying. Please contact me to make an appointment for help with depression in Auckland at one of my offices in Mount Eden or Titirangi, West Auckland.